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Why Is the Gear Deformed During Machining?

Why Is the Gear Deformed During Machining?

Why Is the GearDeformed During Machining?


The situation of gear heat treatment distortion is very complicated, which is a comprehensive reflection of the factors affecting all cold and hot processing. The residual stress generated by machining, the thermal stress and the tissue stress during the heat treatment will have a certain influence on the deformation. They have many influencing factors, including raw materials, workpiece structure design, overall process, technical requirements, machining methods, processing conditions, heat treatment processes (heating, cooling), tooling, etc.


Sometimes it is difficult to take measures to solve the deformation of the gear from the heat treatment. It is necessary to consider the various factors of the whole process of cold and hot processing, analyze the specific situation, and take corresponding measures to eliminate or reduce the influence degree of the unfavorable factors. This is an effective way to reduce gear heat distortion.

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