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Registered AddZhejiang Province, China
Type of businessSupply Gears and Shafts, Gearbox, Forging products, Die casting products and Foundry parts
Main MarketGlobal
Number of Employees1-50 People
Annual salesUS$0 Million - US$1 Million
Established in2005
  • Zoro has a history of 35 years with evident focus on gears R&D, design and manufacturing.


Zoro has a history of 35 years with evident focus on gears R&D, design and manufacturing. It is with this invaluable knowledge and expertise that steered the company into promising industries of conventional cars and electric cars, high-speed rail traffic, road machinery, motorcycles and ATV, electric tools, industrial robots and more. With their gear spare parts' annual yield of more than 60 million pieces, Zoro became one of the largest and strongest gear manufacturing companies in the world.Based on the "specialized production" model and the business full inspections, and proper measuring & testing. Zoro's endless improvement in software capabilities, TPS, and Lean management during the past 20 years has led to better implementation of the international standardization of quality management systems.



To promote self-sufficiency in the gear industry and to become the leader of global gear manufacturers.


The current challenge for gear manufacturers includes inefficiencies and higher costs due to lack of widespread standards and practices. In return, the inefficiencies from gear productions can cause unwanted wastes of society's resources.


ZORO Group has a long-term commitment to specializing in only gear parts manufacturing with lofty ambitions and visions on a global standpoint. We recognize our scope of competition and corporate positioning. Driven by aspiration, Zoro follows the "Do's and Don'ts" management style to set standards and methods of greater efficiencies within the gears industry, because creating solutions for the industry's challenges is ZORO corporate responsibility



Our commitment is to supply global mechanical transmission systems with products that are high-speed, low noise, safe and environmentally friendly. We realize the sustainable growth in value for customers, employees, stockholders and society.


For customers: Help customers stay competitive via cooperation and product satisfaction.


For employees: Provide valuable experiences and work qualities.


For stockholders: Sustain profitability with a high Return on Investment (ROI).


For society: Maintain our social responsibility and communication with society.




Great success stems from accumulated milestones throughout the years. The expression that "continuous improvement is a never ending journey" emphasizes the basic idea of "never underestimate even the smallest achievements and always view from a larger lens". In another word, we acknowledge our employees' accomplishments daily, because this core value includes the advocating of excellence and improvement. So let's strive together as a team, one step at a time. All of ZORO's development comes from everyone's actions.

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