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Why Does the Automatic Transmission Need Maintenance?

Why Does the Automatic Transmission Need Maintenance?

Why does the automatic transmission need maintenance?

With the increase of automatic transmission vehicles, the owners' understanding of the automatic transmission is gradually deepening. However, for the question of whether the automatic transmission needs maintenance, we still have different opinions. We often hear the same questions from the owners: "Why should we maintain the automatic transmission, is it not maintenance-free in the vehicle maintenance manual?" The problem, the three and automatic transmission repair center came to share with the home the reasons why the automatic transmission needs maintenance.


1. The automatic transmission relies on hydraulic transmission during operation. A long time operation will generate a large amount of heat energy. If the heat dissipation is poor, the transmission will be overheated, and the high temperature will cause the transmission fluid to deteriorate in a certain period of time.


2. At present, the basic conditions of domestic roads are poor, traffic congestion, and air pollution such as smog and dust lead to a relatively harsh driving environment. The automatic transmission is affected by factors such as temperature and load, and the working requirements are harsh. The dirty ATF fluid is more likely to aggravate the wear between the internal components of the automatic gear.


3. As the vehicle time and mileage increase, the data parameters of the automatic transmission itself are constantly changing. For example, changes in the clearance between the working components, the friction coefficient, and the system pressure will affect the automatic transmission. Normal operation, if not regularly detected and maintained, will cause early damage to the automatic transmission.


4, the influence of other external factors, such as: gearbox water intake, sensor signal distortion, oil bottom plate bottom deformation, seal aging oil leakage, etc., may cause the automatic gear work is not normal, if not timely inspection and maintenance, then Aggravate the deterioration process of the transmission fluid.


5. In addition, some improper operating habits of the driver, such as: violent throttle, emergency braking, neutral sliding, etc., will increase the wear between the internal working components, resulting in iron scraps, powder and other impurities along with the oil The flow may cause malfunctions such as valve body stagnation and oil passage blockage. The best way to do this is to replace the transmission fluid and remove impurities to ensure good internal cleaning.


In summary, only timely inspection and maintenance of the automatic transmission, and regular replacement of special oil according to the manufacturer's requirements, can ensure the normal working state of the automatic transmission, maximize the service life of the transmission, to ensure that the car is smooth!

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