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What If the Automatic Transmission Stalls in Half Way

What If the Automatic Transmission Stalls in Half Way

The car equipped with the automatic transmission has no clutch, which fundamentally avoids the accidental flameout caused by improper operation. However, some automatic transmission models may be unexpectedly turned off due to mechanical failure. In this case, if there is no situation in front, you can restart without stopping.

Specifically, the shift lever is quickly pushed into the neutral position (N), and the ignition switch is turned to the START position. After the restart is successful, the shift lever is quickly pulled to the D-pole to drive normally. If you try many times, the engine still can't start, indicating that the fault is serious, then you should stop the maintenance.

To apply this method, it is necessary to be familiar with the operation of the vehicle. If the force is too large, pushing the shift lever directly into the reverse gear (R) will cause great damage to the transmission, and some of the ignition switches of the vehicle have a secondary start prevention. The function must first be turned back to the closed position before it can be restarted, but be careful not to lock the steering wheel. In addition, after the engine is turned off, the braking and steering assists will also fail. At this time, more force is needed to control. Live the car.

All of this is usually clear to everyone, but in an emergency, it is inevitable that you will be in a hurry. Therefore, if you are a newbie, it is best to stop the car to the side of the road. Remember: At any time, vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions cannot use reverse drag.

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