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The Cause of the Phenomenon of Gear collision in the Car Reverse Gearbox

The Cause of the Phenomenon of Gear collision in the Car Reverse Gearbox

The cause of the phenomenon of gear collision in the car reverse gearbox


There is an important device inside the manual gearbox, which is the synchronizer. When shifting gears, the speed of the power output end gear is faster than that of the gear that is to be replaced immediately. If there is no synchronizer, a slow rotating gear is forcibly inserted into a high-speed rotating gear, and it will definitely occur gear collision.


The function of the synchronizer is to raise the speed of the gear that will be changed into the gear to the state of synchronizing with the gear speed of the output gear when the shifting action occurs, so that there is no gear collision.


Why do many cars don't have gear collision when they are driving, and they occur gear collision when they hit the reverse gear? That's because many models have reverse gears without the reverse gear synchronizer. Manufacturers simplify the gearbox structure and save costs, many reverse gears for mid- and low-end manual transmissions do not have a reverse gear synchronizer installed.


A manual gearbox without a reverse gear synchronizer will have a phenomenon of slamming the reverse gear, which is also very much related to the user's habits. Because the reverse gear itself does not contain a synchronizer, it is necessary to completely stop the vehicle. The speed difference between the power output end and the reverse gear is reduced, so as to ensure that the reverse gear is smooth and has no gear collision. Many users don't stop and immediately rush into the reverse gear, which naturally makes the reverse gear without the synchronizer very injured.

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