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So that China's gear more and more strong

Gear is the basic element of industry, its importance is self-evident, as a symbol of industry, it was the founder of the Republic of the design to the national emblem, expressed the ancient Chinese nation to build a modern industrial country's determination. After several generations of struggle, China has become the world's manufacturing power today, gear, this whispered, everywhere the key basic parts, is experiencing constant innovation and development, the current China is in the Technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading of the important period, the status of China's gear industry, how? How does it face challenges and opportunities?

In view of the shortage of high-end production capacity in the gear industry, the serious excess of low-end production capacity leads to the abnormal situation of competition. The gear branch mainly adopts the following measures to carry out industry self-discipline and reduce the low-end production capacity. One is to strengthen the industry self-discipline, the development of industry rules and related standards, the implementation of industry supervision, to resist low-quality low-priced products; the second is to play a guiding role in the market to promote the supply side of the gear reform; third is to cultivate " 4, actively promote the merger and reorganization, encourage small enterprises to enter large enterprises and then lengthen the industrial chain, the formation of large enterprise groups and small and medium enterprises complement each other, the pattern of coordinated development; Fifth, the development of enterprises, Is to promote technological transformation, eliminate backward production capacity.

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