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Oil maintenance for car maintenance - transmission oil and filter

Oil maintenance for car maintenance - transmission oil and filter

Oil maintenance for car maintenance - transmission oil and filter

Transmission oil is a very important part of the smooth and smooth operation of all the components in your automatic transmission. As with other important oils in the car, prolonged use can also cause deterioration of the transmission oil. Frequent start-up parking in congested cities, often pulling heavy objects, and even trailers will accelerate the deterioration of transmission oil. Such high-load driving will increase the temperature of the transmission and is not good for oil. Because the role of the transmission oil is to reduce the impact of the gear connection, cooling and lubrication of the gearbox.


How do you know if the transmission oil has deteriorated? Is the filter replaced?


The automatic transmission oil will become darker and darker as the use time increases. If the color turns dark brown or close to black, it is time to change the transmission oil. If dust and impurities are found in the oil, or if there is a burning smell, it is also a precursor to replacing the transmission oil. In general, the gearbox filter should be cleaned or replaced periodically. Since the oil pan needs to be taken out each time the filter is removed, the filter is generally replaced when the oil is changed. If the gearbox filter is blocked, it will not be able to spray enough oil to important parts of the gearbox, which may cause a slip or block, or even cause the gearbox to shift smoothly during acceleration. The number of revolutions and so on.


How often does it take to change the transmission oil and the gearbox filter?


Careful study of the maintenance schedule in the car manual, the maintenance cycle and method given by the manufacturer are generally reasonable. However, the transmission oil is not the same, some may be replaced after 60,000 kilometers, and some may need to be replaced after 200,000 kilometers. However, just like changing the oil, it is not necessarily replaced by the number of kilometers or time recommended by the manufacturer. Generally, the transmission capacity of the double-clutch transmission is about 60,000 kilometers, and the other types of transmissions can take a little longer. Remember to change the gearbox filter together every time you change the transmission oil.


Why replace the transmission oil and gearbox filter?


As time goes on, the transmission oil will age and deteriorate, especially if the gearbox is used more frequently. After many years and thousands of kilometers of use, the transmission oil will slowly lose the effect of slowing down shift shocks, cooling the gearbox and lubricating parts. At the same time, it will accumulate more and more dust and impurities, which are one of the culprit of the gearbox. Some gearboxes have filter screens that filter impurities, but they can cause blockage of the filter after prolonged use, which can also affect the normal operation of the gearbox and even damage the gearbox.

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