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Brief Description of Gear Processing

Brief Description of Gear Processing

Brief Description of Gear Processing


Gears are recognized as a symbol of industrialization, and the level of gear manufacturing directly affects the performance and quality of mechanical products. Starting from the important significance of gear manufacturing in industry, this paper focuses on the new development of gear processing technology and lubrication technology, as well as the technical requirements and selection methods of lubrication media for gear processing.


As we all know, gear transmission is a kind of mechanical transmission commonly found in modern machines, and it is an important basic component of mechanical products. Compared with other mechanical transmission forms (chain drive, belt drive, hydraulic drive, etc.), it has the characteristics of large power range, high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission and long service life. Therefore, it has become an indispensable transmission component for many mechanical products, and it is also a form of transmission that accounts for a large proportion in the machine.


The design and manufacturing level of the gear will directly affect the performance and quality of the mechanical products. For example, in the modern and vigorous automobile industry, there are usually 18 to 30 teeth in each car. The quality of the gear directly affects the noise and smoothness of the car and service life. Gear processing technology and equipment often greatly affect the high level of manufacturing that can be achieved in the industrial field. Advanced industrial advanced industries such as the United States, Germany and Japan are also manufacturing powers of gear processing technology and equipment. Therefore, gears have always been prominent in industrial development and are recognized as a symbol of industrialization. From this perspective, it is extremely important to pay attention to the advanced processing technology and development trend of gears.

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